Persistent vegetative state

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Assignment

Create a 8 page paper that discusses persistent vegetative state. In spite of the fact that nowadays death sentence is still practiced in several countries, the majority of the countries dismissed it, claiming that this practice violates basic human rights. Euthanasia has become another subject of debate concerning life and death.&nbsp. Afterward, the position of the Catholic Church will be articulated, paying particular attention to the following aspects: the concept of the image of God in a human being. omnipotence of God and lack of such characters in the doctors. conditions under which bringing death to a person may be justified.The first ethical theory that will be engaged is called Utilitarianism. As one can easily see from the very name, it puts a great emphasis on the idea of utility. That is why it is rather clear that people who adhere to this point of view would think that keeping a person in a persistent vegetative state is nothing but a waste of valuable resources (Cohen, 1986, p. 23). Indeed, in order to keep one’s body alive, the hospital should use various medications on a daily basis. These substances are used to help a person that has almost no chance of recovery. As a result, they are practically wasted as they could have been used to help other people whose chances of recovery are higher. Of course, it does not mean that people in a persistent vegetative state are bad: they’re well being is simply regarded as well beneficial for a society that well being of other, nonterminal patients.Furthermore, the Utilitarian approach would also note that keeping a person in such a state is unethical and this should be put to an end as the death of an individual is actually able to help&nbsp.others. This means that one’s death may be more advantageous than one’s life (Hausman, 2015, p. 62). Indeed, it may be the case that a perfectly healthy person is found in a persistent vegetative state after a car accident. There is no chance of recovery. Moreover, there are several organs that are healthy and some patients in the same hospital or in a hospital within short distance need those organs.&nbsp.

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