Pepsicos strategy change

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Write a research paper on the implementation program of pepsicos strategy change. Needs to be 8 pages. . The process of identification of value addition is very important. It involves distinguishing activities that add value and should be retained, activities that do not add value but cannot be avoided by a company and those activities that do not add value and the company should eliminate them (?iarnien? and Vienažindien?, 2012). The process of value identification involves workers, experts, and customers in identifying product aspects that are of extreme significance. These are the aspects that should be given priority in this project. Analysis of the PepsiCo’s aims and objectives shows that the company aims to lead in consumer products in the world that produces convenient foods and beverages. The company also seeks to enrich its employees through growth opportunities and ensure that investors get financial rewards (PepsiCo, 2014). PepsiCo seeks to achieve excellent and sustainable financial performance. The company also aims at ensuring human sustainability through its products, as well as environmental sustainability (PepsiCo, 2011).Based on the above mission, aims the vision and objectives of PepsiCo, recommended strategy changes should be implemented on a timely basis to ensure the success of the company. These features that require the implementation of change include PepsiCo’s policies, functional strategy, and business strategy. PepsiCo has invested in research and development and high-quality operations to ensure that safe product are provided to consumers. The next step will involve the identification of long term strategic plans and short term strategic plans. In this case, long term strategic plans involve changes, which will be carried out on strategy and implemented within a period of two years. After the organizational goals have been identified and a change strategy for them has been formulated, then it will be imperative to identify the goals that each of the relevant department should achieve to enhance overall goals of PepsiCo in strategy change.

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