People depending on technology

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Write an essay on Is People have become overly dependent on technology.

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Electricity and easy availability of water is also a great gift of technology. It has become part and parcel of one’s life as life without electricity would bring to halt the whole world. Electricity and power, that produce light, was probably the best technological invention that has inspired other technology driven gizmos to surface. The fan, bulbs, refrigerator, air-conditioner, mixer grinder etc. are important and useful items without which the life at home would be difficult to imagine now. The bullet trains and underground railway system cannot work without electricity. In fact, almost all the technology based gadgets use power, one way or another, to make them work. So electricity has become the single most vital technology that helps the contemporary society to live in comfort. The advent of computers and associated aids like, internet, printer, fax, etc. have redefined the concept of communication. It has become necessary part of one’s life and an essential business tool that can be applied over large number of areas to give businesses a competitive advantage.

Internet has greatly facilitated access to knowledge which is increasingly being used for personal and business growth. Drucker (1998) has correctly stated that access to information is the basic requirement for the success of a firm. The use of computers and internet has helped to exploit tacit information to not only promote efficiency within the organization but also to gain leverage against their rivals in the industry. Use of technology in the area of education has brought in new ideas and innovation in teaching methodologies and learning. It has improved quality of education and at the same time, provided students with to tools to develop their learning skills for higher achievements. It has also been a great boon for students with disabilities as it significantly helps to improve

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