Pathogenicity and virulence

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Pathogenicity and VirulenceView a video introduction to the Assignment by clicking here. Be sure to adjust your audio settings. A transcript of this video presentation is available in Course Resources.Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:Discuss major virulence factors of microorganismsDiscuss the mechanisms of manifestations of infectionDescribes public health impact on prevention and treatmentCourse outcome practiced with this Assignment:HS320-5: Analyze the role of microbes in human disease and public health.PC- 2.2: Formulate innovative solutions for identified initiatives.InstructionsWrite an essay comparing both pathogenicity and virulence among microorganisms.  Provide examples.Show how microorganisms vary in both their pathogenicity and virulence using the opportunistic infections as examples.Show how these characteristics influence the prevention and treatment for public health.Formulate at least two innovative solutions for reducing the spread of infection in personal life and in public.

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