Parenting and Corporal Punishment

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APA paper on Parenting and Corporal Punishment Paper should be between 500 and 750 words.My topic I will be writing about is parenting and corporal punishment. The main argument of my paper is to provide a clear understanding as to what form of punishment is considered corporal punishment for children, that would not be a form of physical or mental abuse. In analyzing my essay.THEN Complete Final Paper Checklist to ensure you have addressed all the requirements of the assignment. The Final Paper should be between 500 and 750 words.Review the checklist below to ensure that you have included all necessary items.·         Does the introduction make clear what the topic is for the paper?·         Does the introduction get the reader’s attention? Have I used a hook or other attention-getting device to lead the reader into my argument?·         Is the thesis statement—the main point of the essay—clearly recognizable in the introductory paragraph?·         Does the thesis statement express a clear point of view on the argument and indicate the reasons for the point of view?·         Is there at least one body paragraph that expands and discusses each reason mentioned in the thesis statement?·         Does each body paragraph contain a clear topic sentence that expresses the main idea of that paragraph?·         Does each body paragraph include paraphrased and cited evidence that support the main idea of that paragraph? Have I made sure not to rely on direct quotations?·         Do the paragraphs move smoothly from one topic to the next and use transitional phrases?·         Is there a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the discussion and may call the reader to action?·         Does the paper incorporate 3 research sources, at least one of which is peer-reviewed?·         Have I provided a citation each time I have used a paraphrase or quotation from the research?·         Does each citation within the paper correspond to a reference on the Reference page at the end of the paper?·         Does the paper meet the word requirement of between 500 and 750 words?·         Is the argument accurate, objective, and non-biased? Does it use persuasive or rhetorical technique (ethos, pathos, and/or logos or other organizational means) to relay the information in the argument?·         Have I used a grammar tool from the Center for Writing Excellence to edit this work?

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