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Write a 4 pages paper on delegating.

Delegating is a critical skill for supervisors. Ultimately, the supervisor retains responsibility for the attainment of the goals, but chooses to achieve the goals by delegating to someone else. In the Adult Training and Employment Services (ATES) at The Center Serving Persons with Mental Retardation there are several Managers who delegate to their employees. In supported employment the supervisor delegates to three employment specialist. The supervisor assists in developing employees in order to strengthen the organization. Although the employment specialist job role is an emerging profession, few managers can refute the importance of these direct service staff to the overall performance of their supported employment programs. The supervisor in supported employment uses the three R’s: risk, responsibility, and rewards in delegating staff.

The three R’s contribute to staff job challenges by setting in motion a supervisory style which encourages and rewards staff creativity, innovation, and governorship of their work. A risk adds an element of excitement to a job and encourages staff curiosity and learning. Supervisors can encourage their employees to take responsibility for their jobs by establishing measurable performance goals and operating guidelines. The supervisor takes every opportunity to promote the good works of the staff and assure they receive proper recognition for a job well done. The supervisor assists in developing employees in order to strengthen the organization. He or she gives up the authority to make decisions that are best made by subordinates. This means that the supervisor allows subordinates the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. He or she does not supervise subordinates’ decision-making, but allows them the opportunity to develop their own skills. The supervisor lets subordinates know that he or she is willing to help, but not willing to do their jobs for them. The supervisor is not convinced that the best way for employees to learn is by telling them how to solve a problem. This results in those subordinates becoming dependent on the supervisor. The supervisor allows employees the opportunity to achieve and be credited for it.

Equally important to delegate is the idea that when a subordinate is given responsibility for a job, they must also be given the degree of how to perform the job and how to carry it out. For effective delegating the authority granted given to an employee must equal the assigned task. The key to delegating is to delegate gradually. When it comes to delegation, the manager can not delegate their duties to everyone they work with. They delegate their duties to responsible employees within the organization whom they can depend up that those duties will be attended to with a lot of professionalism. When one is delegated a certain task, he take full responsibility of performing it with diligence and ensures that they work hand in hand with other employees within the organization to ensure that organizational goals and objectives are achieved.

Delegation is a term that was used even in the ancient days where someone was given full responsibility of certain activities or to run a certain activities on behalf the owner and in turn report to him, about all the activities that took place while he was away.

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