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Paper Girl innovative cards making and creative paper artworkPaper GirlPaper Girl Keeping in touch via greeting cards is the sweetest way to express emotions such as love, appreciation, condolences, achievement, and even gratitude. We all remember making greeting cards in our childhood. Unfortunately, we lost it meanwhile growing up. Now we live a world of digital communication and the internet where virtual greetings can be easily shared. But, a greeting card sent via postal mail can draw a better impact on both the sender and the receiver. Also, they can keep those cards in their albums or drawers and create wonderful memories. Greeting cards are always appreciable than an e-card or even a phone call, Face Time or any other way of virtual communication.Here, with Paper Girl, a YouTube channel, you will find a way of making a variety of greeting cards for different occasions. Choose the best paper crafts and let your close ones feel special.Paper GirlCelebration Time•Birthday wishesWishing your loved ones on his/her birthday through greeting cards is always special and lovable. Wish your mother with a special greeting card for mother that you can make on your own. There are many beautiful greeting cards for Grandma, Grandpa, Father, friends, cousins, and relatives that your loved ones will praise and appreciate forever. We present different ways of making greeting cards with wonderful designs and excellent handcrafts and paperwork.Paper Girl•AnniversaryWith our best anniversary card designs, let your lovely better-half embrace your efforts and love. There is a wide range of cards which you can specially make with good love quotes written and pop-up designs inside the card. You can also make some wonderful paper gifts by yourself that your partner will love and will always remember.Paper Girl•New Year greetingsWelcoming a New Year feels incomplete without a New Year wishes cards for everyone. You can checkout out New Year handmade greeting cards with the best designs and make them by yourselves. Such personalized and decorative greeting cards will remain in the memories of your loved one.Paper Girl•Christmas cardsThere is a huge collection of videos that shows the inexpensive way of DIY greeting cards for Christmas. Make a card with photos or maybe a beautiful paper craft with wonderful Christmas wishes. It will surely impress your guests or special ones. We have videos explaining personalized and unique designs of Christmas greeting cards for 2019. Want to send the best Christmas cards for your friends? Check out the Paper Girl on YouTube now!Paper Girl•Appreciation cardsPraise an individual’s efforts for his/her hard work with beautiful handmade appreciation cards for colleagues, teachers, and business partners. Send a little gratitude with unique cards and paper crafts. Explore the beauty of simple and creative greeting cards with us. Create wonderful DIY greeting cards for everyone on your listDifferent cards for different occasions Paper Girl•Father’s DayWe have many handmade greeting cards for Father’s day. Wish your father with something that stands out this Father’s Day. It is a personalized card that your father will remember forever.Paper Girl•Mother’s DayWish your mother on her special day. Make your mother feel special with one of our DIY Mother’s Day cards. We have personalized greetings cards for all the mothers out there. Paper Girl•Independence DayWe have the best ideas for Independence Day invitations. Celebrate the free spirit and warmth of India with our warm and patriotic greeting cards and invite friends and families for this incredible and important occasion.•Teacher’s DayWish your guider for life with our DIY greeting cards for teachers designed especially for this occasion. Make splendid paper flowers (Paper Girl)People love decorating their homes with flowers. Flowers represent positivity, love, and freshness. We provide various paper crafts ideas such as flowers and, rangoli designs focusing on solely paper art and paperwork. We have many videos explaining how to make beautiful DIY colorful flowers with different types and texture of papers, like –•Newspaper flower DIY•Fabric flowers•Cardboard flowers•Lavender paper flowersWe have DIY tutorials for all such flower making. Our videos will help you make these paper flowers and cards for different occasions. Paper craft work shows uniqueness and is suitable for all occasions. Learn to make giant paper flowers with our simple step by step process.Paper Girl Wall decoration ideas Wall decoration is the best way to express your art in the most prominent and better way. With us learn wall decoration ideas and techniques that will make your home look even more attractive and beautiful than before! There are many DIYs on our YouTube page of wall decoration ideas. Wall decoration with paper flowers is the most convenient and feasible way to decorate your bedroom walls or birthday celebration walls. Explore new ideas of making beautiful paper flower wall hanging and many wall decoration techniques with our easy to make tutorials.Clay art (Paper Girl)The most recognized form of sculpting is clay modeling. With clay, you can easily make beautiful structures. Create your idol sculpture with your own hands with limited ingredients and an easy step by step process. aFor kids (Paper Girl)Kids are fond of making creative things on their own. Easy flower making tutorials are made especially for kids. Wall hangings, flower making and other DIY decor ideas for kids are available at Paper Girl. Many parties’ decoration is incomplete without flower arts and paper crafts. Decorate walls and rooms with our sweet and thoughtful flower making ideas and DIYs.(Paper Girl)Handmade Pop-up Artwork – (Paper Girl)With the addition of fun paper pop up, it is to propel your handmade cards or flowers into the third dimension look. Crack open a wide range of pop up card and flower making with us and make the perfect card for your special one. Any occasion can be made wonderful and festive with a handcrafted pop-up card. Just follow our simple DIY instructions, and your card is ready to surprise everyone! Never stop keep exploring new and exciting decoration ideas with us.You can also use your paper flowers in home decor, beautiful colors of paper will make your dining table and furniture even more attractive and catchy. Table decoration with the succulent planter is the best thing you could contribute to decorating your home. Make beautiful garlands for your house during any traditional occasion. Right from making the perfect greeting card, paper flowers to paper designs for your special occasions, we have it all.a

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