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Organisations and behaviour

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Submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Unit 3:organisations and behaviour.On the other hand, although the employees are very important to an organization’s performance, they require the manager’s or the supervisor’s competence in ensuring that the organization supports the employees by providing them with the best working environment. Here, the employees not only follow directives but also have the power to exercise their own ideas in addition to having proper channels for communicating with the managerial staff. In addition to reliable communication channels, the employees also require that the organization take their grievances and ideas seriously to not only considering them in decision making process but also implementing them and rewarding the individuals who made the best contributions. For such ideas to continue in the organization, the supervisor has the responsibility to practice the most appropriate leadership styles that would ensure that all employees’ interests are catered for without compromising the organization’s output.When the organization practices the most appropriate leadership styles, motivation follows, which is also responsible for high employee performance since they get something that they are in pursuit of. Motivation is the driving force that causes the desire to work hard. While there are many ways to motivate individuals, practicing the desirable leadership styles is one of the ways that ensure the human resources are well motivated. The main leadership styles in practice in the modern business world by most human resource departments include the democratic and autocratic methods. The democratic method is the method that is most advocated for due to the advantages that come from it. In this method, the employees are given the proper communication channels and the supervisor welcomes their input regarding tasks given to them. Proper communication implies that the employees have open channels to communicate and share their ideas with the upper management as well as ask for assistance when the need


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