Organisational Learning and Design

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Organisational Learning and Design. Previously, it was believed that the companies have to identify the extraordinary potential candidates and prepare them for future senior level positions (Belet, 2007). Recently, the organisations have stressed the importance of changing the business structures so that the culture imperative for learning enterprises can be supported (Mishra & Bhaskar, 2011). Moreover, there needs to be a balance between the leadership and management development aspects so that reforms are easily commenced.In order to evaluate the significance and challenges of the learning organisations, two articles have been reviewed. According to Mahoney (2000), the concept of learning companies was initiated in 1990s and there is no perfect solution for creating such organisations. It is mandatory for the corporations to foster leadership within each level of the organisations from the directors and senior managers to lower management level. Also, equally important is the conception of a culture which will assist the enterprises in the development and augmentation of learning organisations.On the other hand, Belet (2007) studied the concept of building high potential executives in French companies for crafting learning-oriented organisations. According to the author, there is still presence of the hierarchical and centralised leadership styles in these enterprises and the leadership development programmes are ineffective in bringing the desired changes within the firms. Hence, there is requirement of embedding the learning organisation characteristics within the businesses so that they can comply with the changing market structures.In today’s contemporary business world, the organisations have to adjust their structures and frameworks to make sure that they have the compatible systems and tools for responding to the markets.

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