Organisational Behaviour and Culture in Business

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Assignment

Prepare and submit a term paper on Organisational Behaviour and Culture in Business. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length. ng one last bit to bring in more revenues and profits for the company just plays the right trick for the business to succeed both in the short term as well as in the long run. (Berkowitz, 2003) Businesses that stagnate over a period of time and do not change because of one pressure or the other usually die out quickly. (Ginzberg, 1957) The ones that have existed thus far have relied a great deal on the phenomenon attached to change and consistent upgrading of the needs as put forward by the business and its norms. (Clegg, Rhodes & Pitsis, 2004)Seeking to introduce something on the lines of the customer’s wants and needs is a difficult proposition for the organization since it has to change its values and cultural basis but then again is an interesting offering which more or less suggests the ‘changing’ regime of the organization and to the levels, the organization can bend itself for the sake of the valued customer. (Hatch & Cunliff, 2005) The changing market structure might call for changing strategies and lines of action that would all target the people for whom the product is actually designed as well as the competitors with whom the clutter is being broken in the environs of the marketplace. (Massey, 2001) Thus competition brings in more and more quality at the end of the company with regards to its products as well as more sales in the form of its varied and changed stance on focusing towards the customers rather than the product itself. (Covin, 1999) Apart from that, emphasis on need must be the order of the day rather than bringing out more and more varied stock key units just for the sake of it. The different products should satisfy each and every user rather than satisfy the people sitting in the innovation labs and those who invent just to take the company one step further. This trap should thus be avoided under all circumstances. (Gilbert, 1996) Thus profits could come out in the middle when a company is a sole and dominant player in thewhole market structure.

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