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Options of Social inequality

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Write 2 page essay on the topic 2 options of Social inequality (comepare & contrast).Factors such as the social class, language, and race will dictate an individual’s acceptance and integration into the American middle-class society with the race being the dominant factor. In their work, Portes & Rumbaut have observed that the nature of assimilation that will be exhibited by these children depend on the race or social class to which a child’s parents belong.Portes and Rumbaut consider that the reception of immigrants by host nation and the contextual factors of the host society will determine the assimilation course. They cite a social principle that a new minority who is closer to the natives in terms of physical appearance, class, or language is more likely to be received and integrated into the mainstream culture. Thus, an immigrant with good level of education does not experience difficulty getting along with the middle class in America. In relation to the class of immigrants, the duo observes that the immigrants from Northwestern Europe with good level of education or some work experience will find little difficulties in integrating into the American life. These individuals are able to deploy their skills and education in the American society thereby facilitating their integration. This also relates to the language factor. English is the popular language in the US. Thus, the immigrants who are able to speaking the language will easily be integrated into the mainstream of the middle class in the US.The other important factor is physical appearance of the immigrants that is related to the race of the individual. The two further points out that, in America, the race factor is even superior to the other factors like religion or education. It is observed that an individual in the US can be good in English and with proper education to fit in the society. The individual could also proclaim similar religious faith as the natives. However, as long as the immigrant is non-white, he or she

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