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Occupational health nursing

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Write an essay on Occupational health nursing. It needs to be at least 500 words.This exposure renewed my interest in this field and since then I have never looked back.In the realm of nursing, I have contributed significantly to the development of health in acute settings. I am patriotic, and I have been in the forefront to help the government realise equitable health for all. I have a whopping seven years of experience in this field. My director is very pleased with my work and wants me to further my education in the same field so that by the time he will be leaving I will be fully equipped to take over. Putting this challenge aside, nursing is something that I loved and had plans to study this same course to the end.Due to this desire, I have chosen to go for my masters in the University of Pennsylvania. Owing to its good reputation and best world rankings in health nursing, I want to get the best quality of education for a career that is so dear to me. In addition to the mentioned reasons, here is why the University of Pennsylvania looked attractive to me. It has the best lecturers in the world with world-renowned health specialists and facilities, has the best library with thousands and thousands of updated learning materials for my utilisation, Lastly the university has the best laboratories in the world with all kinds of recent technology you can imagine in the medical field. The university has also contributed much in research and development in nursing and the medical field, in general, such as the Smell Identification Test (Doty et al., 1984).I chose to study a master in nursing because being a field that I love and with the relevant experience along these lines. I felt it was more relevant. In addition to this, I have loved to be a nurse since high school, and nothing will ever change this. I intend to graduate in two years and later do my Ph.D. in the same field.After graduation, I believe that this master will help me be promoted at work as well as update me as far as my profession is concerned.


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