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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses NYC Department of Education Teachers of Speech Improvement.The first learning strategy that needs to be implemented is to incorporate the utilization of the auditory process itself. Some children are prone to be weak in attention and memory that leads to speech impairment. Teachers can help with students to assist them in slowing their rate of speech which focuses on enunciation. In addition, factors such as visual cues can further dramatically increase focus and memory. Moreover the utilization of eye contact can also be embedded at this strategy. Eye contact is an absolutely necessary element that has many benefits. First and foremost is the fact that a steady eye contact induces confidence for the student who is presenting. Eye contact also enables the student to acknowledge the body language of the audience, which may assist the student in modifying their speech. Maintaining a steady eye contact enables the student to better understand the environment they are in.The second learning strategy that is an absolute must is the utilization of group sessions in which students will engaged in a collaborative learning effort. This unique strategy will enhance dialogue amongst students, stimulating conversation and collaborative learning. Although this strategy might be underestimated, conducive research shows that that student who are likely to be involved in conversations are more likely to enhance their linguistic skills.The third learning strategy that is extremely essential is focusing on the syntax of the vocabulary. Using expressive language goals for children will induce focus on vocabulary development. It will give the children a boost of confidence. Helping children with syntax goals comprises of developing phrases and sentences. In addition, it can also focus around isolationing sounds and words with the emphasis on enunciation. Speech therapists can facilitate the process with repeating syllabuses that can help reduce cluttering. This

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