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Numeracy learning and development

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Create a thesis and an outline on The comparison of numeracy learning and development. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The paper tells that there is a widespread interest in improving mathematics achievements in schools across the world. Apart from economic benefits of mathematics, such as preparing young men and women for the numeracy requirements of the modern workplaces, and improving the skill levels of the personnel, there are social benefits tied to bettering access for many young people to training opportunities and post school education and laying firm foundations to skills for womb-to-tomb learning. The interest in heightening levels of achievement has resulted in a focus on recognizing the range of factors that determine achievement as well as interpreting how these factors operate to enhance or limit the achievement of varied groups of students. In this case study project, the researcher will consider two students, namely Christopher and John. Christopher has a British background, and he is a gifted learner. He understands the background meaning and culture of a variety of questions. Christopher is a fast learner, and he always finds a hard time with curriculum demands as well as teachers because they comfortably cater for students with normal learning abilities. John is a Vietnamese who is in England for his studies. He has been in England for five one year and he has a problem with understanding English language, especially in speaking. John does not understand the cultural context of a variety of mathematical questions, and he is in need of constant assistance with understanding key English words.


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