Null and alternative hypothesis

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Set up null and alternative hypothesis to test various claims. Example: Nike sells you a golf ball that it claims will add 20 yards to yourshot. To test this claim, you hit the new Nike ball 50 times and average210 yards over the sample with a standard deviation of 100.Furthermore, you hit your old golf ball 50 times and average 198 yardswith a standard deviation of 150. Is this enough evidence to concludethat the new balls improve your distance at least some? Is this enoughevidence to confirm or deny that the new balls add at least 20 yards?1. Compute test statistics, which are simply standardized values of the samplemean under the null hypothesis. (The formula will be in the exam: subtract thehypothesized mean and divide by the standard error.)2. Use a test statistic to look up a p-value in a z-table.3.Interpret the results and conclude.

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