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Nuclear power and its effects

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Write a 8 pages paper on nuclear power and its effects. The storyboard which I created on nuclear power and the different effects that it had allowed me to recognize various capabilities that the storyboard has while organizing information in an alternative manner. The combined elements that were used provided me with the capacity of understanding how to organize this type of information while combining the needed effects to get a specific point across. I noted that there was a specific progression that I had to follow for this to work effectively while keeping the main goals in mind toward the end to ensure that the point was made in an effective manner. The first concept which I incorporated into the storyboard was based on incorporating meaning. This was taken from the ideology that to communicate effectively, there is also the need to create meaning out of the information received through activities or other insights (Kajder, 2006: p. 20). When I began the overall storyboard, I decided that the objective first needed to be about communicating the message of nuclear energy. I noted that there were several debates about this, which I also felt was important to convey. However, the debate often disregards the realities of the dangers and harms which nuclear energy causes. The decision I made as the overall goal was to highlight the harm of nuclear energy while noting both sides of the debate. These particular goals were then able to communicate a message that was humanitarian in nature while showing a secondary ideology of the variety of debates that are attributed to nuclear reactors. The second component that I considered when building the storyboard was based on trying to find effective means to build the story. I understood that there was the need to hook the individual into the story, have a structure of beginning, middle, and end, and to create a language that was more descriptive with highlights through the pictures and the soundtrack (Simmons, 2006: p. 8). When I was writing, I divided my storyboard into 3 segments. The overall ideology was to take an informative approach so it could show both sides of the story. The first part was to grab the viewer in through information.


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