Novel by sapphire

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Create a 3 page paper that discusses push the novel by sapphire.

From this paper, it is clear that a close analysis of people with learning disabilities reveals that many of them give up on learning and lack the self-esteem of trying harder. When the reader expects Precious to behave in this manner, she makes it evident that somehow, she would get over that situation. This is evidence that she has the strength to achieve the reality she dreams of, and get beyond her current situation. When Precious joined an alternative school, she proved that she could overcome all her challenges. Slowly by slowly, she overcame her learning disability, mastered the alphabets, and eventually took up poetry. This achievement was clear evidence that she had enough strength to pursue the reality she wanted. In addition, she made progress in gaining self-esteem and discovering herself.

At one point, she began to take up her own name and wished for a real relationship. This shows that she had managed to overcome her painful past defined by abuse. Although she discovered that she was HIV positive after her father’s death, the news did not shatter her new form of confidence. This paper makes a conclusion that through the help of Miss Rain and her friends, she joined a support group that helped her cope with the situation evidently Precious engages in a critical battle between her current reality and the kind of life she really wants (152). And in the ultimate analysis, the actions reveal that she has the strength to overcome her current challenges and become a better person.

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