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Novak Presents Shamanism

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Write the following on Novak Presents Shamanism as Common to And What Forms Two Cultures: Australian and Siberian Natives. Write a 1250 word paper answering; There are mere speculations that Siberian Shamanism is the source of ideas and practices common to Siberian and Mediterranean cosmologies (Roscoe 130). However, this is just a matter of mere speculation at some point and not that strong, which would allow other arguments to stand better than the point that Novak is simply trying to make a fair judgment here. Considering this point, one must be convinced that it would be unfair to elaborately consider that it is fair enough to understand Australian and Siberian natives having Shamanism as the religion common to them both.While there is a remarkable point to justify the fact that it is unfair to present examples of Shamanism forming the major cultures of native Australia and Siberia, to strengthen this point, one must elaborately consider the basic beliefs and characteristics of Shamanism common to all prevailing culture.In general, Shamanism is considered or widely viewed as a religious belief. It is about trying to believe in the existence of supernatural power and something that is way beyond what the common ordinary people could potentially do. Hence, comes the birth of the Shaman, one with the specialized ability for archaic techniques of ecstasy. However, there is a low level of consensus among researchers or scholars as to exactly what a Shaman is or does and this could also substantially mean creating a cultural bias of the said term or concept. at some point (Shamanism).On the other hand, culture may vary from one place to another. Thus, one cannot specifically be confident to say that the Siberian culture is closely similar or the same with the Australian culture. Perhaps, there might be a corresponding similarity at some point, but one cannot specifically be sure that these two cultures are closely identical, in characteristics, beliefs, and values that are prevailing in their respective society. For sure, it would be unfair to measure these two cultures on the ground of establishing a specific belief common to them both and then come to the conclusion that they are the same.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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