NGO evacuation

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Create a thesis and an outline on An NGO Evacuation Scenario before an Anticipated Wildfire Disaster. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This will guarantee that their assets protected and also vital records (hardcopy and electronic data) are kept in order to maintain continuity of support operations and mission-critical services (Council on Foundations 1).It is vital to remember that no two emergencies are alike. Hence, no single plan of action can foresee or tackle each and every possible situation. The instructions and advice contained in this plan are planned to cater as guidelines only (Council on Foundations 1). They might not be suitable in all cases. At no time must an individual risk his/her personal safety and wellbeing in obeying any of its necessities.Since wildfires can take place anywhere on earth, apart from Antarctica, they tend to threaten both civilizations, as well as wildlife, alike. In relation to emergency management, wildfires can mainly be demoralizing (Drabek 87). Given their capacity to wipe out large areas of entire ecologies, there should be a contingency plan in place in order for people to be as prepared as possible in case of such a calamity. The emergency plan will make it easier for people to adequately handle the aftermath of such as calamity, as well. With regards to the NGO provided in this assignment, it is vital for us to think about the ways in which the disaster might affect if it strikes. There might be a complete destruction of facility and/or primary information technology systems (Pyne 50). Also, the organization’s regional utility assets might be destroyed, and all critical company operations moved off-site. It is, therefore, important for the NGO to consider an all-encompassing work-from-home or alternate site to conduct their operations (Council on Foundations 1). Also, it is vital for the organization to ask themselves whether they will want to return to the same location or a new site. During an emergency or disaster, the NGO should maintain the usual operations needed to tackle disaster-specific and time-sensitive issues. No plan can include or anticipate procedures to tackle all the operational, human, and regulatory matters, raised during an emergency or disaster. Therefore, this plan will assist the NGO in question to tackle issues required for the continuance of vital business functions, such as communication, needs assessment coordination, and volunteer outreach.

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