New garden design

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

You are in charge of the grounds at blithewold. The new garden is being planned and its your job to choose the design and implement the plans two landscaping companies have submitted proposals. use the following information to select a design and answer the questions that come up as you wrok on the garden 1) compute the area required for each of the two proposals below for r use the r key on your calculator select the proposal that requires less space proposal 1 this proposal is for a rectangular garden with semicirciles at each end as shown below the dimensions of the rectange are 60 ft by 30 ftproposal 2)this proposal is for a trapezoidal garden with bases 60ft and 104ft and height 30ftfind the area ?2) ideally the loam required should b 6 inches deep compute the minimum number of whole cubic yards of loam you will need?3) loam costs $20.25 per cubic yard compute the cost for the dirt you need? 4 after the loam was ordered it was delivered and dumped in six conical piles each approximately 10ft in diameter and 8ft high compute the volume of the piles in cubic yards and determine if you received the amount you ordered ?

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