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Negotiation Experience

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Negotiation Experience. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Negotiation skills are important in every stage of ones life. As children we may not have been very discreet to this whole give and take process but with age a refines comes in and one is a bit more diplomatic about how one handles this process.Negotiation is a skill, an art which can be refined as one advances in life.It is like a double faces sword and one has to be good in this field yet be cautious not to hurt others feels while trying to get ones work done to excel professionally. One could succeed to be a really good negotiator if one abided by the Franciscans values of generosity, respect, love, joy, reverence, service and humanity. A negotiation is generally successful only when we have a win- win situation for both the parties, when we are a bit generous and respect the needs of the other party too. Only when the opposite party is happy and satisfied would we truly be satisfied with the out come of our negotiation.Distributive negotiation : Here in one a person is generally in the superior position and the other in a junior one where one party gains and the other loses. This kind of negotiation could lead to an argument which may not be beneficial to either of them. The main goal of both the parties is to emerge as winner where in they are not looking at building a lasting business relationship.Integrative negotiation: This type, on the other hand is a kind of negotiation where in both the parties emerge as winners. The final out come is a win-win situation for both. In normal business scenario integrative negotiation is preferred over distributive as it eventually helps in building stronger business ties.One of the cases out of the numerable situations encountered by me in my professional life was while negotiation the cost of landscaping and repainting an owner’s house. This was a gentle man in his mid 50’s who despite


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