Negative affect on GPA

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Assignment

Question 1. Do texting and Facebook use during class have a negative affect on GPA? To answer this question calculate a 95% confidence interval for ?1??2 where ?1 is the mean semester GPA of all students who text and use Facebook frequently during class and ?2 is the mean semester GPA of all students who do not text or use Facebook during class (do NOT use the approximation formula minimum(n1-1, n2-1) for the degrees of freedom).lower limit of confidence interval (use 2 decimal places)upper limit of confidence interval (use 2 decimal places).Pooled-Variance t Test for the Difference Between Two Means(assumes equal population variances)DataHypothesized Difference0Level of Significance0.05Population 1 SampleSample Size65Sample…

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