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Write the homework on Do you need decoration to create a pleasing environment. Write a 500 word paper answering; DO YOU NEED DECORATION TO CREATE A PLEASING ENVIRONMENT? Modernism, alternatively referred to as the Modern Movement, was a depiction of a willful departure from the previous architectural styles and has been one of the most overriding illustrations of design practice, production, as well as theory during most part of the 20th century. It is normally described visually by the use of contemporary materials such as tubular steel and / or glass, and through the handling and interplay of conceptual forms, space and light, and a restrained palette. The use of decorations or decorative elements was more or less subtle and in tune with the artistic expression of the architecture as well as within the aesthetic principles of the artist. The modern movement was largely against the use of heavy decorations in architecture and regarded it as unnecessary and a “waste of labor” by many. However, this is in fact not true. There are numerous historical evidences which point to the contrary, i.e. decoration or the use of decorative elements in architecture has more to offer than an eye pleasing environment. As opposed to the use of structural elements such as stones, trees and ponds, decorative elements or artifacts lend a human touch to a natural scene, where most of them are known to have functional use. For instance lanterns which were extensively used as decorative elements could be used to light pathways in gardens and the water basins used in gardens could alternatively be used for purification prior to a tea ceremony and artifacts such as the Buddhist statues and miniature pagodas carried sacred inscriptions. Figure 1: A large stone lantern at Kanazawa CityFigure 2: Decorative Water BasinSource: Young, D., Young, M., Yew, T. H., (2005). The Art of Japanese Garden, Tuttle Publishing, Pp.34The poles support the branches of old trees to protect them from heavy winter snows and the lantern is used to light up the garden pathThe new Brazilian architecture (Figure 3) for example, is known for the use of such decorative elements as the glazed tiles and granite blocks of colonial art. However, besides acting as decoration, the extensive use of such materials as, tiles and granite has proved to be an excellent alternative for protection of the exterior of the buildings against rain and sun, where no other material could withhold it, especially in buildings near the sea.Figure 3: Where modernist architects considered the post modernist architecture as “vulgar” and dominated by heavy decorations, the post modernist architects on the other hand regarded the modernist architecture as mundane and lacking in taste The Piazza of the Campidoglio in Rome is known for its perfect synchronization on an inlaid pavement. The artistic creation and patterns used helps in creating a stunning contrast between the buildings. Although the architecture, might be regarded as lacking in structural relevance it does contribute greatly to the aesthetic value of its surroundings.Figure 4: Michelangelo: Piazza del Campidoglio, RomeReferencesThe Rotarian, Rotary International Publication, Vol. 71, No. 3, Pp. 33Risebero, B., (1985). Modern Architecture and Design: An Alternative History, MIT Press, Pp. 149 – 151Scruton, R., (1979). The Aesthetics of Architecture, Taylor and Francis, Pp. 97 – 98Safran, L., (1998). Heaven on Earth: Art and the Church in Byzantium, Penn State Press, Pp.

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