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NBN fail project

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NBN fail projectCritical Analysis Report• Understand the project context, issues andcontrol systems applied during the executionphase.• Find out the causes of its failures and analysethe control systems applied.• Critically evaluate the effectiveness of appliedcontrol systems and stakeholder’smanagement.• Make recommendations for how its failurecould have been avoided.Critical Analysis Report includes• Snapshot of the project you have chosen.• Introduction to the project you have chosen.• Major reasons for the failure of the project.• Control Systems: explanation of the range of controlsystems used for cost, schedule, scope and quality.• Analysis of the reasons for cost and/or timeoverruns.• Analysis of the extent to which the project executionteam could be held responsible of the incurred timeand/or cost overruns.• Analysis of the relationship between the problemsyou identified in cost and/or time overruns and thestakeholders’ needs and influence.• Analysis of the project management actions thatcould have been taken to better control the projectand stakeholders in order to increase the chance forsuccessful delivery.• Conclusion which identifies the key lessons thatproject management can learn from the experienceof the project.• Report should be of 4000 +- 5% words (excludingreferences and appendices).


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