Natural disasters and ancient sumerians

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Write an essay on Natural Disasters and the Ancient Sumerians. It needs to be at least 500 words.These different legends and myths also involved the data concerning the location and the duration the last great floods are perceived to occur as it is the one that caused the rise and development of these narratives. Even though there is no existing evidence concerning the enormous floods that is believed to have covered almost every mountain in the world, only many narratives from all over the world that is told concerning the great floods which was the major disaster that was faced by the people of Sumerian2.The floods are considered to have destroyed the human race in the unsociable past and which resulted in the map of the world to change in the process. As a result of the floods, the Sumerians were forced to migrate and as a result of this migration, the early Mesopotamia culture was passed to the people where the Sumerians settled3.In the year 5000 BC, the floods of the Caspian Sea and the black sea occurred. The effects of the floods were greatly faced on the northern shores of the sea as in causing the water level of the Mediterranean Sea to rise. This made the red sea to connect itself to the mar Mara Sea that is located next to the modern turkey. The developing pressure that was happening in the earths crust resulted in a region that is considered to be active and of high earthquake magnitude. This is believed to have triggered some of the major earthquakes and some of the volcanic eruptions4.This was also regarded as the great floods as it is explained by the Sumerian legends, which was later hired by the civilization of the ancient Mesopotamia and was eventually recorded down in the bible. The people who managed to escape the floods relocated from these fertile lands to the Western Europe region even though many of the Sumerians went to regions that were warm which is believed to be the southern Mesopotamia region. While in the southern Mesopotamia, the Sumerians found the first humankind civilization and where their

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