Native Americans discovery on the new world

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Write an essay on Discussing some of the ways in which Native Americans, and the European discovery of the New World, has influenced your life.

The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The Native Americans have their English language being more intricate compared to the European English, as stated by Dunn (1). This has improved my use of English language in communication because their English is simple to understand. Another influence by the Native Americans relates to how the American people treat women. According to the Native American culture, family lineage is traced through the females instead of the males, according to Delgado (1). This has as well influenced my perspective towards women as I can see them as more valuable to the society which was not what I originally thought.

Similarly, the types of food consumed by the Native Americans have changed my diet to great extent. While initially I was used to the spices available back home, I have come to appreciate such things as wild ginger, juniper and miners’ lettuce. I have also gradually come to prefer Native American cuisines with their subtle flavors. Native Americans have a great deal of hospitality, which has been a vital tradition among the Native Americans, according to Cadwalader (1). Guests are highly valued and are served first whether there is something else for the family or not. Thus has influenced how relate with other people and to respect others as well. The Native Americans are friendly people who are always there to help and this has greatly improved my personal relations with other people.

The mode of dress is also different from my home country and this has affected me. The American people do not place much importance in fully covering their body, as stated by Reynoldson (13). With many celebrities who most people tend to imitate, the mode of dressing is very different especially during the summer. During summer, people wear lighter clothes with women covering the most private body parts and most of them wearing shorts, a mode of dressing which has really impressed me. Last but not least, the hardworking nature of the Native American people

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