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Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses National Cancer Institute.The theory was grounded on the 1978 physical book The External Control of Organization. The theory of Both Pfeffer and Salancik espoused that external factors controlled or affected the organization’s achievement of its goals and objectives. The entities’ need for external resources was the external control. For example, the restaurants need the food ingredients in order to cook the customer’s food. Consequently, entities implement strategies to maximize the dependence on external resources to efficiently enhance achievement the entities goals and objectives. To accomplish this, both authors insists entities must enter into joint ventures, diversifications, integration, co-optation, and mergers (Johnson, 2009).

Question 7:

Development of Institutional Theory. Powell, Meyer, Scott, DiMaggion, and Rowan developed the Institutional theory. The theory was developed to explain the cognitive as well as cultural aspect of organizations. The authors insist that the entities’ responses are grounded of factors having miniscule or no relationship to the entities’ organizational efficiency. The authors insist that the entities must fit into an established framework, environment, or system in order to survive. The entities include the normative, cognitive, as well as regulative structures and routines (pillars). For example, the entities must obey the government institutions’ laws rules and sanctions. The entities must not sell cocaine or pollute the environment. Scott observed that the government institutions shaped how entities operate. The government institutions will penalize entities that violate established laws and other statutes. The theory states that as the entity’s field starts, there is diversity of approach as well as form. As the entities’ environment becomes well established, homogeneity among the entities within a segment starts to develop (Johnson, 2009). The theory indicates that the organization,


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