Myth into film

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Essay Myth into Film. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This paper will comprehensively explore the similarities and difference between the two and my deduction of what each author is trying to bring out in their story.Despite Euripides Medea and Dassin’s A Dream of Passion’s different settings, they have some similarities. Both Medea and A Dream of Passion,follow the tales of women who are forced by circumstances to kill their children, born and unborn, to satisfy their interests. The two stories exhibit high emotions of love, passion and vengeance. In Euripides’ play, Medea, the protagonist Medea is so much in love with her husband Jason. She feels extremely betrayed by her husband when she learns of his unfaithfulness and plans to marry Creons daughter. She cannot bear her husband’s betrayal and feels a great desire to carry out revenge on him. Creon, on the other hand, anticipates Medea to retaliate. To protect his daughter from Medea’s wrath. he decides to send Medea into exile. Eventually, Medea succeeds in killing Glauce, Creon and her three children. She inflicts unimaginable pain on her husband not only by the killings, but also by her decision to escape to Athens with the corpses of her children. Jason’s betrayal of her love leads her to commit such heinous crimes.Like in Medea, A Dream of Passion presents a similar scenario. Maya goes through the same situation as Medea but in a different context. In A Dream of Passion, The character, Brenda represents the real Medea, and she killed her three children to carry out revenge on her husband. However, Maya’s similarities to Medea are brought out through her interactions with Brenda. Like Brenda killed her children, Maya carried out an abortion. Thus they are both equal in that they killed despite the motive behind their killings. Brenda killed for vengeance while Maya killed to be a star, to be a celebrity, prosperous and independent.

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