My topic is aging

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Write 1 page essay on the topic My topic is aging.Wrinkles on outward body appearance often indicate the arrival of old age in life forms. However, old age can be considered stunning since the process occurs in every person in the most genuine manner. Old age can be regarded beautiful if most populace expend these moments of their lives enjoying life with little or nothing to contemplate (Soozeqsh 1). Aging is beautiful given that the moment persons get born they immediately commence the aging progression. The process is innate, and little can be done to stop it (Soozeqsh 1). Old age is beautiful given that it brings value to every aspect of existence since it assists the young live accordingly.Aging of the houses in certain circumstances may be considered beautiful, especially in the case where the house has aesthetic value relevant to a certain period in human existence. These houses offer a constant reminder to the present generation of the yester years of their parents or relative lives. In certain circumstances, death of certain citizens sounds more of a legendary death than a normal death. Examples of such people are Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe deaths that are viewed as legendary deaths.However, destruction of certain boroughs through various activities such as warfare and erosion make a place appear older than it should be since it loses current structures that are related to it. Weathering also makes places to look older since the properties and structure in such a region are damaged or

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