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Multinational running and competitive situation

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Multinational running and competitive situation study of Accor SA 188.hotel operation and franchising where the company aims at offering Accor experience to consumers and enhance the overall impact of the hotel’s brands. On the other hand, Hotel Invest is focused on hotel renovation and development. Hotel Invest not only comprises owned property of the company but also leased and franchised hotels for development (Accor, 2014a).From the perspective of this paper, Accor was considered appropriate due to its ubiquitous existence in global hotel industry. The paper is mainly related to management of business in multinational companies and study of their competitive situation. Presently, the hospitality industry, especially the hotel industry is experiencing strong growth and it was ascertained that a company with global presence will justify the purpose of this paper. Another reason behind selection of Accor SA is to access the role of the international hotel brand in social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

The hotel chain is unique in its offerings and is present in all the prominent continents across the world. Accor has a vast brand portfolio that comprises luxurious upscale, midscale and economy service offerings. The brands in this regard are- luxury brands: Sofitel, Pullman and MGallery, midscale brands: Novotel, Suite Novotel and Mercure and economy brands: ibis and Formula 1 (Accor, 2014b). The brands together target almost all consumers ranging from international to domestic, middle income group to elite class, tourists to businessmen and so on and so forth. The diversified offerings of the company further make it one of the leaders in the hotel industry from consumers’ view point. The majority of the hotels of Accor are present in Europe and Asia pacific, comprising about 85% of total number of hotels and resorts. It was observed that the company is involved with 194 projects in 40 countries since 2008. Presently the company has more than 3600 hotels all over the world (approximately 92 countries) and it


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