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Write 2 page essay on the topic MPH502.d consequences on public whereas, personal health weighs the consequences and significance of health activities and effects of interventions as they impact an individual’s life and health conditions.The health awareness programs are of great significance for public health stability. The health interventions and awareness programs are making life of people healthier and better since knowledge about disease and epidemics empower them to abstain from health risking habits and attitudes.The awareness programs further work and benefit for a longer time period as the knowledge once gain profits people for an extensive time period. The information, education and awareness about health issues is being publicized by a number of programs including Safe and drug-free School programs, Let’s Move (obesity awareness program), Sex and HIV educational programs and so on. These programs help people realize the impact of certain dietary, intake and routine habits on their health and life. The information about the devastating effects of certain activities, stop them from repeating such habits and enable them to adopt healthier life style. Hence educational and awareness programs are of great importance in controlling and stabilizing the public health.The greatest reduction in morbidity and mortality is resulted as a decline in deaths from coronary disease. The reduction in coronary disease is accompanied by a reduced smoking population, a decline in blood pressure levels, improved medical care facilities and better dietary habits. Reduced smoking, better dietary habits and enhanced health care facilities did not only reduce the mortality rate by coronary disease but have also helped in stabilizing the worsening health conditions of public. However, alcoholism, obesity and stress are increasing the risk of coronary disease (AHA). Increasing trend of fast food, unavailability of healthy food and increasing stress level due to competition in the society and industry lead to

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