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Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

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Create a thesis and an outline on Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Company in Britain. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. A motor vehicle industry in the US is seeking to break into the market in Britain. This paper will focus on the expansion of the US-based MNC into the motor vehicle industry of Britain, highlighting the entry strategy to be used and designing an implementation strategy for the mode of entry.The organizational structure of a firm inculcates the beliefs the employees hold about the organization and is depicted by the behavior of the employees in group settings and by its leaders. In order to implement effective strategies and to establish itself as a leading brand in Britain, the MNC needs to have a good hold on its organizational culture.An organizational structure that represents the mission, aims, and objectives and desired relationship with stakeholders would cover the major elements which will have an influence on the organization when penetrating the market in Britain. Ideally, the fictional MNC should have a clearly defined mission statement and should repeatedly instill its mission, values and objectives into the attitude of the employees.The relationship it should have with its stakeholders would be flexible and supportive. the accounts and business operations of the firm should be kept transparent. Employees should feel valued for being a part of the organization and a healthy communication channel should be maintained between the higher authorities and the employees. Following these guiding principles, an easy entry into the market in Britain can be achieved.Environmental scanning allows an analysis of the external environment and its interconnections with the organization’s internal environment. It allows the firm to gain a competitive advantage by aligning the dynamics of the business with its environment. A technique for carrying out an environmental scanning analysis is&nbsp.the PEST analysis.


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