Motor neuron

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What part of a motor neuron is found at a neuromuscular junction?What neurotransmitter is released at a neuromuscular junction?What is a synaptic cleft?Which cell of a NMJ has receptors for the neurotransmitter?At a neuromuscular junction, what does the muscle cell produce after the neurotransmitter binds the receptors for ACh?Describe the basic functions/events at a neuromuscular junction?What two substances are needed for actin and myosin filaments to interact and produce contraction?What releases Ca+ when the muscle cell is stimulated?What is the charge inside and outside a muscle cell at rest?What is the ion found in abundance outside the cell at rest?What is the ion found in abundance inside the cell at rest?Be able to understand what’s happening during depolarization, propagation, repolarization and the refractory period when an action potential is generated in a muscle cell.Explain how myosin interacts (the sliding filament theory) with actin to produce contraction.What is a tendon? Aponeurosis?What is a motor unit?What would produce a stronger contraction, stimulating a few motor units or stimulating many motor units?Be able to identify the muscles listed in your lab exercises packet from written descriptions of their shape and location OR from diagramsBe able to recognize examples of antagonists and synergists from the muscles in labDescribe how skeletal muscle/muscle fibers is/are innervated.What are z-discs and how do they relate to actin filaments?How are the CT layers of skeletal muscles related to tendons and connecting muscle to bone/periosteum?Describe he gross anatomy of skeletal muscle (the 3 CT layers, fascicles, presence of blood vessels and nerves).

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