Motivation and behavior

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Write an essay on Motivation and behavior. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Like saying, “I was motivated to smoke” is generally a false statement. Motivation is referred to a struggle which outcome is good and productive. Also the word ‘motivation’ leads us to many answers of the question which involve ‘why’s’. It is used very frequently in our daily lives to explain someone’s behavior and actions. For example you can say that Sarah was so motivated to clear her accounting exam that she studied late at night to achieve her respective goals. Motivation is basically a very wide term. Take the above statement as an n example. Sarah studied late at night because:There can be many possibilities behind her hard work or motivation. So we can say that there are many forces which triggers motivating. Those forces can be economical, social, emotional or biological. Or in other words we can say that these are sources of motivation.Above mentioned terms are specified sources of motivation. In broader terms we generally use two terms/sources of motivation. Internal or external. Internal motivation or we can say self-motivation, personally speaking, is mandatory to achieve any goal. No matter how many people ask you to go to gym or force talk you to lose your weight if you lack in the self-motivation department you won’t be able to do anything. Internal motivation push a person to achieve his/her desired goals. More scientifically speaking, internal motivation is positively correlated with a percentage of energy, a person is willing to put in his actions to achieve what he need or desire. For example weight lost involves more internal motivation. Desire to look good or to feel and live a healthy life usually work as a catalyst increasing one’s self-motivation to lose his/her weight.On the other hand external motivation is very powerful. It pulls people with a great force to achieve particular goals. External sources of motivation includes economic, social and other forces (Petri,

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