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Compose a 1250 words assignment on morality and taking the truth and goodness for granted.

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The divergent views on standards of morality have been influenced by the presence of various viewpoints and perceptions on ethics and morality presented by several philosophers. For instance, philosophers such as Aristotle, Hursthouse, Gilligan, Alcoff, Nietzsche, and Foucault have developed perceptions and ideas concerning morality. Some of the notions concur or expound the other while some contradict and criticize each other. However, this paper examines and discusses Aristotle and Hurst house’s views on morality to develop a deeper understanding of this important concept. According to Aristotle, moral virtue otherwise known as the excellence of character refers to the disposition of acting excellently developed by a person either partly due to his upbringing or because of his habit or routine of action (Athanassoulis 1).

He argues that the character emerges from habit or practice and is voluntary since it arises from various individual actions that are controlled voluntarily. Moreover, Aristotle asserts that every character of excellence lies between the extremes and thus lies between a deficiency and an excess. The extremes deviate in one way or another from the virtuous character state (Athanassoulis 1). Therefore, the character of excellence arises from the doctrine of the mean and this is among the best and famous aspects of Aristotle’s ethics. The nature of feeling and emotions of some kind also arises from the doctrine of the mean and to some degree depends on one’s upbringing. Thus, some people despite intending to do the right thing never live to their choice, and this condition is referred to as akrasia. lack of self – mastery, incontinence, or weakness of will (Athanassoulis 1). This situation is common since individuals take morality and other aspects of ethics for granted.

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