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Would it be possible to get the answers for long answer questions #1, 2, 4, 5 Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Question No. 1115 Marks] (A) The manager of a cafeteria at a university wants to monitor the service quality of thecheckout process. Students have complained that some cashiers take too long to add up the cost of their food, collect the money and give change. This has led to unnecessarilylong lines during busy periods. To monitor performance, the manager observed and timed how long it took his cashiers to checkout customers. The data for 10 samples aregiven in the following table Sample No. Mean Checkout Time in Seconds Ran e R in seconds1 24.8 232 20.2 213 22.4 224 21.4 285 18.2 196 21.2 137 19.2 238 20.2 179 27.4 3210 18.8 24 Read Questions (b1 before answering questions (a) a) Construct suitable control chart(s) using three sigma limits. Do the control chart(s)indicate that the process is in control or out of control? Explain b) Following additional checkout times were obtained for two cashiers: Cashier Checkout times (in seconds]A 29, 38, 34, 35, 32B 21, 19, 11, 10, 50 Comment on the performance of A and B (B) An engineering company produces a part whose mean design specifications calls forfinishing within 8.12 and 7.88 mm. The process engineering department has conducted an experiment on recently installed machine and found mean of 8.04mm with varianceof 0.0009 square mm. Find if the new machine is capable of producing the parts within the design limits.


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