Mode myth makers

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Prepare and submit a paper on the extent to which advertisers are mode myth makers. Advertisers do not only contradict past myths but also create modern myths to woo clients. Social myths in advertising give the indication of portraying information to what is culturally accepted versus what is natural. The David Beckham boxers advert turned into a campaign because of its positive reception. The ad displays a confusion of natural and cultural indications of running naked in the streets. Advertisers change the culturally accepted situation by using celebrities such as Beckham to counter negative critics (H&M, 2013).Advertisers apply the use of the consumer culture theory when advocating for ads. The consumer cultural theory analyses the various distribution and cultural groupings conducted within the socio-historical frame of globalization. Modern advertisers still consider this aspect but deploy the use of current myths, ideologies, and narratives concerning a particular society, culture, or market place. The business market remains saturated with female models advertising everything. The female figure is used to attract the audience to the advertisements. David Beckham’s underwear campaign ads change the reception of the male body being used in advertising. Consumption of the product is important for maintenance, representation, and construction of the male bodies. Advertisers make men feel comfortable in their underwear by using a respected celebrity as their main character for the campaign. Markets have changed the advertising of many products to use a normative sexual dualism maintained and reinforced within the contradicting cultural institutions. Market segmentation and communication acts as the engine of consumption that allows the use of promulgating dualistic gender roles in the description of sexual identities. The David Beckham underwear campaign invokes gender identity to draw attention to the stereotyped icon of femininity and masculinity. Marketers of the ad campaign find a way for masculinity and femininity to interact with the logic of marketing advertising practices (Elliot & Elliot, 2005).&nbsp.Advertisers creating myths in today’s settings.&nbsp.Advertisers use sexual imagery in magazines, placards, and billboards to attract individuals to their products.

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