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Compose a 3500 words assignment on mobile phones. Needs to be plagiarism free! (Ahonen and Melkko, 2008, 44-99)Phyically, it’ very imilar to the iPhone 3G, much more o than the Diamond, complete with lim, candybar form factor, a large creen dominating the front panel and minimalit control. Compare the phone ide by ide and you’ll find that dimenion are remarkably imilar too, though the Omnia i a little limmer, narrower and horter than the iPhone 3G, at 12.5 x 112 x 56.9mm compared to 12.3 x 115.5 x 62mm.o how exactly doe it tack up elewhere Well, a you’d expect from a modern Window martphone, there’ a pile of feature and many of thee appear to match or outtrip the iPhone 3G equivalent. It ha a five-megapixel camera on the rear with an LED flah and a VGA video call camera on the front – the iPhone’ i three megapixel le and it ha no video call feature. It alo ha HDPA of up to 7.2Mb/ec, a 624MHz proceor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a GP receiver and an FM radio. Plu it come with a decent helping of torage – either 8GB or 16GB with microD expanion a well.It creen, however, at 3.2 inche in’t quite a luxuriouly paciou a the iPhone’ and it 400 x 280 reolution i alo inferior. There’ alo no 3.5mm headphone ocket and though a converion dongle i included in the box, we’d ooner not have to carry an adapter around jut to liten to muic and it eem a needle overight given the capaciou torage on offer. (Ahonen and Melkko, 2008, 44-99)The camera, however, i the main highlight here.

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