Mobile Banking and Crowdsourcing and Networking

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Write a 2 page essay on Mobile Banking and Crowdsourcing and Networking.Experts suggest that success rates can be relatively high in the case of smishing attacks. In case of vishing, voice communication is used to obtain unauthorized access to an individual’s account information. In cloning, identity of one mobile phone is copied to another and this practice gives the hacker access to user’s bank account details (Mobile banking overview 2009). Finally, a stolen or lost smartphone may give the victim’s account details to outsiders. In all these cases, the reliability of mobile banking transactions is challenged.B. Admittedly, the development of PDAs, iPads, e-Readers has drastic effects on items like newspapers, paper books, music CDs, and game DVDs. According to a report, the circulation of print newspapers has been alarmingly declining since early turn of the 21st century (The State of the News Media). The same trend is reported in the case of paper books too. Compared to printed newspapers and books, online books and news media are more convenient and cheaper to users today. To illustrate, many of the online books and news channels are available absolutely for free of cost and a user can obtain required information quickly using search options. Similarly, the sale of music CDs and game DVDs has been significantly dropped with the innovation of devices like PDAs and iPads. People can easily and freely download music and game products directly from the internet using those devices.A. While comparing with the traditional marketing, advertising, product testing, and product design with corresponding crowdsourcing based methods, it seems that crowdsourcing constitutes the future of content marketing. “Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributors from a large group of people and especially the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers” (&nbsp.Kimbrough, 2013). Since the major aim of every business is to design

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