Mitigation strategies

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Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Mitigation Strategies.The levees broke, leading to flooding 80 percent of the city. If levees continue to be used, Hurricane Katrina or an equivalent can reoccur. Thus, after each reoccurrence the levees network will have to be rebuilt. This will result to waste of resources and will inconvenience the people by displacing them or even causing deaths (Kapucu et al. 2013).In addition, the hurricane slayed about 1,500 inhabitants along the U.S. Gulf Coast and caused huge damage, making it the most expensive natural disaster. The continued use of levees will mean people to continue dying as a result of this catastrophe yet it can be avoided by use of a different and a better mechanism to counter this calamity. As Hurricane Katrina established, that the risks of inundation and flooding never can be completely eliminated by protective structures. Substantial dangers of living in flood susceptible to areas were not ever visibly communicated to people before Hurricane Katrina, it stated, and simply the reconstruction of New Orleans and its tempest protection system back to pre-Katrina heights would leave the city susceptible to another flooding catastrophe (Baltimore, 2009). Moreover, the first floor of buildings in flood susceptible parts of the city should be elevated at least to the 100 year flood level, which the report named a “crucial flood insurance standard.” But for deeply populated metropolises like New Orleans, that standard is insufficient, said the report, part of a 5 part study by the conservatories in the event of Katrina (Baltimore, 2009).Furthermore, the 100 year standard essentially specifies protection based on the supposed worst damage of the foulest flood in the last 100 years. It regulates insurance tariffs for the National Flood Insurance Program controlled by the federal government. However, structures in New Orleans most flood susceptible areas have a 26%

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