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Misuse of DNA in Homicide Cases

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Write 5 page essay on the topic Misuse of DNA in Homicide Cases.The National Commission on the Future of DNA was established by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in 1998, courtesy of Janet Reno, who was then the attorney general. The aim was to establish the prospects of DNA evidence, and ways of improving its effectiveness, through the Department of Justice. This article has been very supportive in identifying how the DNA evidence is used for the wrongful intentions. The proposition of recommendations on how to improve DNA evidence has made this article very useful for my research, as most of other articles have not touched on this issue.This article reports on the progressing data of two hypervariable regions from 50 individuals with no close relationship, all from Germany population. The study reveals that most maternal relatives share mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) series, while there was no evidence of mtDNA transmission in respect to paternity. This article goes a long way in helping me to establish how the variability of mtDNA control region series allows utility in forensic characteristics inquiry, which is critical in revealing cases of misuse of DNA in Homicide cases.

This article has been used to show how series of mtDNA is being used to typify forensic organic samples, especially in absence of adequate nuclear DNA in specimens for typing. The article has clearly demonstrated how specimens such as teeth, bones and shafts can be subjected to mtDNA examination. This article is very useful as it uses practical demonstration of the same specimens that are used to manipulate evidence during homicide cases. Furthermore, mtDNA series is used to provide tools for typifying biological evidence during DNA tests. The article has essentially added a lot of credence in my research.

The authors have noted that a lot of studies have been undertaken in respect to child sexual abuse since 1960s. They have added that, although there has been males’ sexual abuse as well, this social problem has


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