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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: The article about Misery. Critical Analysis of ‘Misery’ by Stephen King Misery is a movie that was produced in 1990 based on the 1987 novel by Stephen King. It is an American psychological horror movie. It is based upon a famous writer who was a best seller named Paul Sheldon. known for the legend of a romantic heroine, Misery Chastain is a victim of a grave vehicle accident as he was travelling to the mountain. He was saved by a nurse Annie Wilkes, who turned out to be his admirer. However, Annie did not call for help despite great wounds which made Paul suspicious. He ends up being estranged in one house with torture from the crazy nurse Annie the self proclaimed number one fan (King 1987). Annie portrays different character traits. She sometimes was polite but one the other hand, she was an aggressive and violent villain. However, her madness is hidden in a very thin veil of the love of Paul’s work and talent. She is a smoker and a drug addict enthroned to her own misery which she unleashes all on Paul. She is also caring to some extent because she saved Paul from the verge of death, but her mental status depicts she was a wolf in a sheep’s skin. Moreover, she is destructive because bashing Paul’s legs was an act of destructive violence and when she destroys a two years worth of Paul’s manuscript. In fact, she even wanted to kill Paul in the test of what would have happened next. The nature of Annie’s cruelty can thus be said to be one caused by her mental illness. Above all, she was so much into swearing and God, she never wanted to leave.

Paul was a writer who never deserved the suffering he went through. He was very talented in his writings. Stephen King clearly portrays Paul’s character as perseverance and determined because he never lost hope of escaping even though he failed a couple of times. He was also analytical in nature because based on his previous studies and writing, he was able to analyze Annie’s behavior. He had observed her drug abuse and her smoking nature which he realized was the root cause of her mental illness. However, I found the movie disturbing in a couple of ways. Annie Wilkes is a Paul’s number one fan who had just finished reading one of his romantic novels. After Paul is thoroughly injured, her anger is portrayed when she claims that the novel was full of profanity. She ends up pouring soup on Paul but later apologizes.

Moreover, she locks Paul in the basement and it comes a time when she was full of anger and cuts off Paul’s leg regularly in the name of avoiding him from leaving her house. She further forces him to rewrite the novel misery again. She further nurses Paul with numerous illicit pain killer drugs, medical supplies and food (King 1987).In conclusion, the novel is one full of suspense and everything revolved around the two characters Annie and Paul. The horror scenes were very disturbing because of the violent scenes such as killing a state trooper and cutting of Paul’s leg. However, I found Annie’s character contradicting the love of God because she was prayerful, but ended doing very absurd things (King 1987). Annie’s character mirrors my own culture in the sense that some people engage in excessive partying and alcohol abuse and on Sunday’s they are the first to be in church. Moreover, it can be compared to those people who do not practice what they preach. Finally, the novel and the movie are nice and I would recommend them. Works Cited King, Stephen. Misery. New York, N.Y., U.S.A.: Viking, 1987. Print.

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