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Mills theory as advanced in On Liberty

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Write 7 pages with APA style on It has been argued that Mills theory as advanced in On Liberty is flawed because of its failure to consider poverty and other social constraints. To what extent do you agree with this view. It enlightens people on how the weaker people are preyed upon by those stronger I the society leading to some people having their right of liberty being violated. Mill in this theory describes the various factors that affect the liberty of people. Although Mill states several issues that arise when liberty is talked about, his theory can be termed as imperfect since he fails to consider poverty and social constraints. He does not show how social constrains and poverty influences the liberty of an individual or a society (Weir, 2007:34).

The argument on the theory being imperfect is a solid one since poverty is one of the things that can lead to one being deprived on their liberty. From the essay, the people started to see that it was better if some of the magistrates and the governors of the states were tenants to them. This was better because they would not abuse the offices since the tenant hood was revocable anytime (Mill, 2002:47). But then, this would only be possible for those that were wealthy enough to be landlords and landladies, meaning that the poor in this society would not benefit from this kind of setting. These people are forced to submit to the governors and magistrates even when they are not harming anybody since this people that are in power see that they have nothing to lose because they are not tenants to the poor. Mill did not look at what would happen to the poor and therefore he did not include poverty in this theory, and thus rendering it flawed. Those living under high poverty conditions fail to see that the governmentÂ’s opinion is also their opinion and therefore their liberty is at risk.

According to John Stuart Mill, the liberty does not just apply to adults only, but also apply to children and all those that are in a state in which they require to be protected against harming themselves.


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