Military origins of the republic

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: The Military Origins of the Republic. According to the authors, the role of this Continental Army was more important than that of the regular militia. For winning any war what is important is the strong infrastructure, both with regard to industry and agriculture. The authors highlight the same point, but they say it in a different style when they make mention about the important role of the Continental Army. In the battle of Breed’s Hill (AKA Bunker Hill) the militia surprised the British Regulars. The reason for the super-showing of the army can be traced to two important reasons. One, they know the local conditions well. Secondly, their mental commitment to the war effort was much more than that of a professional soldier. The socio-economic background of the men who comprised the ranks of the Continental Army contributed to their high morale. The special achievement of the authors is to highlight Washington’s leadership to the American military tradition. The contents of the books are not only the military history of the Continental Army but within it is incorporated the social history. The authors approach the subject of war with a new theme and they are able to provide a novel orientation to the history of war.

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