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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: MIH514.There may still be some extended family in the home but not as often since arriving in the US. If there are extended family living with a family unit, it is most often temporary as a family obligation until the others can get on their feet. (Shapiro, 2009).Many of the Indian people come to the US highly educated and become professionals while there are some who are not.They are unusual in the sense that they do not concentrate in singular neighborhoods so they seem less visible and most of them speak English. Their goals and priorities are much related to family. Assuring safe and well cared for families and homes , good health, an happiness is at the top of their list. Like previously mentioned, they are often well educated and are embarrassed if not able to hold a job. Disability is not spoken about and may actually be hidden away in the family system. Their children are of top priority and much of the developmental tasks that occur for them are childhood oriented. All children have some problems with enculturalization but the Asian Indian people are most concerned about it. They make a huge effort to retain cultural identity and still parent within a dissimilar culture (Inman, Howard & Beaumont, 2007).As previously noted, the elders in the family are treated with a great deal of respect. For example, they are never called by their first name. They serve as a resource to the parents of the family and to the children. There has been some change here as the nuclear family forms in the US and the extended family is more likely to disappear. In fact many of the elders are still in their home country though they are likely supported in some way by the family here in the US. (Merrill & Palmer, 2007)Though many of the Indian people who have immigrated to this country have left the cast system behind them, there remains much influence from it, including what kind of profession you will have and where you will be on the social latter. The

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