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Merger dilemma

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Write a 1 page paper on merger dilemma. Many employees are usually affected by organizational changes. There is need for training In order to help employees cope with changes resulting from merging. Training will increase employees’ confidence to adapt to any changes caused by the merger process. The other method that will help employees adapt to change effectively includes explaining the benefits and importance of change to them and the whole organization. The process will help them develop positive attitude towards change. Involving employees in all phases of merging will motivate them to embrace changes (Schuler & Jackson, 2001).

One of the challenges that face merging business is conflict among employees. This is usually caused by differing cultures of the merged organizations. One effective strategy to manage organizational conflicts after merging includes involving employees in conflict management by asking them to give suggestion on how the conflicts can be solved. This will make them feel less insecure during the merging process. The other method includes addressing the conflicts as they occur. The strategy will prevent conflicts from becoming worse. The organizations can also prevent the conflicts by asking employees to state their concerns. In addition, defining acceptable behaviors and employees roles before the merging process will prevent conflicts because it will help them know what the organization expects of them.Employees stress level can be reduced through various morale boosting strategies. Employees and management team experience more stress when their level of motivation reduces. One of the methods to reduce their stress levels includes motivating them by introducing an effective recognition system. For instance, promoting them based on their performances will help in reducing their stress levels. In addition, creating a win-win situation by allowing employees to participate in decision making processes will also reduce their levels of anxiety. Stress can increase if some employees feel left out after the merging.

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