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The final paper should be at least 9 double-spaced pages and include at least 7 sources( 4 scholarly resources). remember that the final paper is 9-10 pages. You’ll be expected to expand, include more evidence, that sort of thing). Make sure you have a real title. Proofread it one more time. Why not? It should include a works cited page (this is the last page of your paper, not a separate document). The works cited page don’t count towards the 9 page length. The works cited page is NOT the annotated bibliography. There will be no annotations. MLA heading is correctly formatted.

All MLA formatting (fonts, margins, line spacing, etc) is followed to a very high degree of precision. Works Cited is nearly flawless. All in-text citations (paraphrasing, quotations, author tags, page numbers, parenthetical citations) are accurate, with no information taken from someone else left uncited. All sources used in-text are found in Works Cited, and all Works Cited entries are found in-text.

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