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Mental health and mental disorder module

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Need an argumentative essay on Mental health and mental disorder module(psychososial studies Degree). Needs to be 8 pages. The existence of mental disease and the legality of the psychiatric specialization are not universally acknowledged. Depression is the most widespread disease of XX century. During all the past and in present century depression was considered as a normal condition of artistic, creative people. We heard more than once: «I am in depression, live me along “. Nowadays, depression is a dangerous disease, which causes unfeigned suffering.The diagnosis of depression is not very easy task. The picture of the basic symptoms “is “decorated” with a variety of additional: difficulty to concentrate on any business, the attention “is floating”. A known phenomenon “the lights are on but nobody’s home” is from this area – it is necessary to re-read the same for thirty times to catch sense at last (is sclerosis a disease?). It is difficult to select word while communicating with other people, the string of conversation is constantly lost. there is a strange indecision, constant doubts even at performance of the most usual tasks. The self-confidence vanishes, it seems, that all the tasks are done wrong. the global feeling of fault may arise before relatives and friends, the person feels like a burden in the family, unnecessary, superfluous at work. His internal monologue sound approximately so: “I am a loser. I have achieved nothing and now full professional bankruptcy is waiting for me”. Both the past and the future are imagined gloomy and pessimistic. The person collects the most unattractive facts of the biography, completely ignoring those moments when he was happy, achieved success. From time to time there is an idea that, perhaps, the simplest way is to leave the life. there is diversified disorder of dream: it is difficult to fall asleep in the evening, general duration is reduced because of often awakenings, and as a result the wakes up at 4-5 oclock in the morning. There is also……..


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