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Marketing reveal trends

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Create a thesis and an outline on Case Study 1. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Case Study Case Study Recent case studies on marketing reveal trends in consumers that identify how, and why people behave the way they do, at times. This indicates that when a consumer wishes to purchase or a seller wishes to sell, there are indicators to look for in them (Cunningham, 1995). This is because they all exhibit different tendencies that make them become indifferent, or behave differently to products and services. In the case study about marketing efforts, there was a virtual Laguna Beach experiment and the Bank of America from the Internet. Both these case studies tried to address the issue of customer satisfaction. This paper will examine how ideas can be extended to businesses, and marketing strategies that attract consumers to products. Why the cases attracted personal customers Through virtual sales representatives, the Laguna Beach experiment was keen to attract people to brands. Some well-known brands use virtual representation to promote their products and services. Once customers get to such informative stages, they are keener as to what an organization is promoting through such means. Virtually, many people are attracted to the ideas presented. Young people get to experience the new technology and are fascinated. The personal level appears as one gets to a local area where many people go to socialise and have fun. This is at the beach where it is an everyday occurrence to have people from diverse regions showing up to enjoy themselves (Klaassen, 2007).

The Bank of America from the Internet reached out to older women with children that did not have time to get to the bank. This personal touch indicated that women could open new accounts from the internet, and still have time with their children. What the bank decided to do was a step in attracting more clients, and retaining the ones they had initially. By rounding off the customers’ savings to the nearest dollar, they were guaranteed customer loyalty, and the emergence of a new base of clients (Ante, 2006). Through another outreach program, the bank called on its customers to participate in some activity that could help them find loose change. Through this program, the bank claimed enormous success and this personal venture added to their credibility.

Strategies that may attract customers from these ideas

Business buyers can use such strategies to attract clients. One strategy that a business buyer can use is the constant use of the internet to attract clientele. This strategy is usually vital in shaping a business venture. The technological age is growing and expanding at a rapid speed (Cunningham, 1995). This implies that almost everyone in the world is aware of the internet and all its advantages. The access enables more and more individuals to be aware of all business activities that go on around them, and offer a chance to be part of all the activities.Another strategy that may attract them would be allowing them to be a part of decision making. Once this happens, people always feel like they are part of something. This makes them feel tied to any activity on a personal level, hence the growth of loyalty among them. This is important in any business venture as it fosters understanding and togetherness (Cunningham, 1995).

In conclusion, it is not surprising to see many business fraternities expanding their business according to what their customers demand. This ensures that the business satisfies the customer needs, and through this, they are assured of many profitable returns.


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