Marketing research for a new maternity care

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Write 10 pages with APA style on MARKETING RESEARCH FOR A NEW MATERNITY CARE PRODUCT LINE NORTON CHILDRENS HOSPITAL. Along this line, a marketing research is required to produce the needed information. (Please see Appendix B.)As far as identifying the problem, there is actually none. This is being stated because the hospital has the capabilities to introduce and establish the proposed maternity care unit. It is only as to how extensive the new product line should be to capitalize on the local market, which indeed appears to be a captured market, and to therefore maximize the earnings of the hospital.The concern of the top hospital men is therefore more on the leverage of answers rather than of a problem. There are no problems. Instead, there are answers that must be sought in making the final decision on whether or not to push the project.The aims of the research is (1) to obtain as much information on the reaction of the local market to the idea of establishing a full-service maternity care department or division in the children’s hospital, and (2) to document all these information and data to become the basis of management on whether or not to so push through with the introduction and establishment of the new product line.

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